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2019 Prices & Availability

Here you will find a complete list of what we have available. E-mail, or call me at 570-259-0780 to be placed on the waiting list for any of the animals we have listed here. You must have a deposit in place to be on the waiting list. All deposits are $200. Final sale price plus 6% sales tax if picked up here at Keystone Exotics. Please specify what state you live in when you send an e-mail. Thank you. ALL SALES ARE PLUS 6% SALES TAX. All Paypal payments are plus 3% to cover the charges to me. You must have a deposit to be placed on my waiting list. Serious inquiries only. If you're undecided, keep on thinking about it and researching it. Don't ever be in a rush to get an animal that you're not sure you want. Impulse buying is the wrong thing to do. These critters I have are not for everyone. Maybe they're not for you?

Keystone Exotics is a private breeding facility on private property and is not open to the public for tours. Please do not ask. I DO NOT ANSWER TEXT MESSAGES

Baby Woodchucks $500 plus 6%----$600 onto solids   Baby descented Skunks $$500 plus tax..Taking $200 deposits for Spring starting November 1st.
Taking $200.00 deposits starting December 1st for Spring 2019Weaned deposits $350..Deposits are required to be on the waiting list..Legal states only.
  Available Mid June through July 2019.taking $200.00 deposits starting November 1st for 2019.You must have a deposit in place to be on the waiting list..  Health certificate $70 for out of state. SOLD OUT for 2018.
Baby Gray Squirrels $300.00   Baby Raccoons $500 plus 6% sales tax
Grays Available Spring & Fall. Email me if you want to be on the list.
. Any email without including your home state will be deleted. Not all states are legal.
  Available Spring 2019
All baby raccoons $500 plus 6% state sales tax...
SOLDOUT for 2018.. Deposits for 2019 starting December  1st. No shipping. Pickup here only.

Virginia Opossums $ $300 plus tax @6%
Baby Opossums will be available Spring 2019..Taking $100 deposits starting December 1st. for Spring 2019
A $100 deposit is required to be on the waiting list. Any email without your home state included will be deleted. Pickup here only. No shipping.