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2019 Prices & Availability

Here you will find a complete list of what we have available. E-mail, or call me at 570-259-0780 to be placed on the waiting list for any of the animals we have listed here. You must have a deposit in place to be on the waiting list. All deposits are $200. Final sale price plus 6% sales tax if picked up here at Keystone Exotics. Please specify what state you live in when you send an e-mail. Thank you. ALL SALES ARE PLUS 6% SALES TAX. All Paypal payments are plus 3% to cover the charges to me. You must have a deposit to be placed on my waiting list. Serious inquiries only. If you're undecided, keep on thinking about it and researching it. Don't ever be in a rush to get an animal that you're not sure you want. Impulse buying is the wrong thing to do. These critters I have are not for everyone. Maybe they're not for you?

Keystone Exotics is a private breeding facility on private property and is not open to the public for tours. Please do not ask. I DO NOT ANSWER TEXT MESSAGES

Baby Woodchucks $500 plus 6%----$600 onto solids   Baby descented Skunks $$500 plus tax..Taking $200 deposits for Spring starting November 1st.
Taking $200.00 deposits starting December 1st for Spring 2019Weaned deposits $350..Deposits are required to be on the waiting list..Legal states only.
  Available Mid June through July 2019.taking $200.00 deposits starting November 1st for 2019.You must have a deposit in place to be on the waiting list..  Health certificate $70 for out of state. SOLD OUT for 2018.
Baby Gray Squirrels $300.00   Baby Raccoons $500 plus 6% sales tax
Grays Available Spring & Fall. Email me if you want to be on the list.
. Any email without including your home state will be deleted. Not all states are legal. My waiting list for 2019 is full. I’m not taking anymore names.
  Available Spring 2019
All baby raccoons $500 plus 6% state sales tax...
SOLDOUT for 2019..

Virginia Opossums $ $300 plus tax @6%
Baby Opossums will be available Spring 2019..Taking $100 deposits starting November 1st. for Spring 2019
A $100 deposit is required to be on the waiting list. Any email without your home state included will be deleted. Pickup here only. No shipping.