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 Bobcats $1500.00

Taking $500.00 deposits now for Spring 2013 Bobcat kittens. Gender preference is by deposit order.All kittens are bottle raised and well socialized from 3 days. All sales plus 6% sales tax. You must have proper permits. I must have all your permit information, including Importation permits, prior to getting Health papers for shipping.Every state requires permits for these kittens. $1500.00.  E-MAIL to be placed on my waiting list. A $500.00 deposit is required to be on the list. Shipping is $350.00 extra.

2nd litter Northwest Bobcat kittens 4 weeks old Sept 7th 2008

Female Northwest Bobcat kitten...4 weeks old being bottle fed.Sept 6th 2008

Another bottle fed female Northwest Bobcat Kitten 4 weeks old... Sept 6th 2008

15 month old pair of Northwest Bobcats 7-1-2007
Taking deposits now for Spring 2009 kittens

15 month old pair of Northwest Bobcats
I'll have kittens available from these Bobcats (actually a trio) in Spring 2009

9 month old Northwest female kitten

9 month old male Northwest Bobcat kitten

9 month old female Northwest Bobcat kitten 1- 1-2007

3 month old pair of Northwest kittens 8-1-2006

Rocky, a heavily spotted Southern male


Stella, a female Southern breeder

Here's another picture of Stella

Nothing to do and all day to do it
Bobby, one of my very tame male breeders

I see you down there taking my picture.
Bobby, a very tame male breeder "Southern" Bobcat

There he is again with that camera!!!

A 3 month old Female Northwest Bobcat. Kitten