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A pair of Broad Shoulder Peafowl   Male Broad Shoulder Peacock   Baby Woodchuck

Whitetail Deer fawn   Snoozing Porcupines   North American Porcupines

Spike, an 8-point Whitetail buck   Here's Spike again, getting a cool drink on a hot day   Spike

Spike rubbing the velvet from his antlers   A pair of Gray raccoons   Black Raccoon Breeder
This is what a bucks antlers look like when he in the process of rubbing the velvet from them. A bottle raised buck is very dangerous at this time of year when he comes into rut.. October thru December, with November being the height of rut
  Except for the light coloring on the face these black raccoons are completely black
Black Raccoon Breeder   Teak and Tosha ,Blonde Raccoons   Black Raccoon Breeder
Here is a view for above of the same black raccoon.
  Here's another view from above showing how black these raccoons are.
Albino Raccoons   A female Northern Montana Blue Bobcat   Female Southern Bobcat

  Also called the "Lynx Cat", these Bobcats are a silvery gray color with black markings and can reach a top weight of between 35 and 45 lbs.
Male Southern Bobcat   Whitetail Deer Doe   A Smoke and White female skunk

Black and White skunks   Skunks   Woodchucks- Buford and Matilda

Whitetail Doe, Pygmy Goat and a Broad Shoulder Peacock   Gray Fox