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A deposit is a reserve on one of my animals. It is NON-REFUNDABLE, unless Keystone Exotics can't supply the animal. Then the deposit will be refunded. Do your research on these animals. Make the right choice. It's your responsibility to make a good buying decision. Don't send a deposit unless you are committed to buy the animal. Except for the 5 day guarantee as explained in the sales agreement, the animal purchased is purchased at your own risk. The animal that you purchase requires lots of attention and is a life long commitment. Be prepared to care for this animal for many years.
 Every year I have customers that wait until the last minute to tell me they don't want their animal or they simply change their mind. As stated above........ ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.......even if you move, have family problems, find out the animal is illegal where you live or any reason whatsoever. This is a business and I treat it like a business. Every year I turn down customers who would be happy to buy the animal that is already reserved. When you cancel your order I have to find someone to fill it. That usually means more advertising and care of the animal that shouldn't be here since it was reserved. So I now have to feed it and handle it to keep it friendly and spend time with it that could be devoted to another animal. This all takes time and there's no guarantee I can sell it. I usually wind up giving it away to someone for a lose. I don't make enough money here to babysit anyone's money. My sales go right back into the operation for vet bills, housing, feeding and whatever expense that come up for the welfare of all the animals. It's not cheap and you never make extra money. I can no longer afford to take deposits to reserve an animal only to have the customer back out. If I tell you you're not getting your deposit back, then sue me, shoot me, come here to poison my animals........I've heard it still won't get your deposit back. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. All deposits are $200